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O Flights

Civil Air Patrol (CAP) orientation flights are flights organized by the Civil Air Patrol for its cadet members to experience aviation firsthand. These flights are a crucial part of the cadet program, as they provide an opportunity for cadets to learn about aviation and get a sense of what it's like to fly in a small aircraft.

During orientation flights, cadets are typically taken on a short flight with a CAP pilot, who will explain the different parts of the aircraft and the basics of flying. Cadets may also have the opportunity to take the controls and fly the aircraft themselves, under the guidance of the pilot.

Orientation flights are an important part of the CAP cadet program, as they provide a way for cadets to learn about aviation and potentially develop an interest in pursuing a career in aviation or the aerospace industry. In addition to the flight itself, cadets may also learn about aircraft maintenance and safety procedures, as well as other aspects of aviation such as navigation and weather patterns.

It's worth noting that orientation flights are only one part of the CAP cadet program, which also includes leadership development, physical fitness training, and community service opportunities

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