CAPF 101, aka 101 Card

A CAP Form 101 is your ticket into emergency services. This card shows mission staff at a glance what you are qualified to do when you sign in for a mission and is required before you can begin any hands on training in emergency services.


To get a valid 101 Card, you’ll need the following:

  • Have a minimum grade of:
    • Cadets: Airman (Curry Award)
    • Seniors: Level 1 training
  • Have successfully completed the test below
    • CAPT 116 test for your GES certification (General Emergency Services)

Instructions for completing CAPT 116-117

In eServices, go to Online Learning in the menu on the left. Select Learning Management System then  AXIS. Scroll down to Emergency Services and select CAPT 116 – General ES, review the references/reading material and start the test. The test is un-timed and open book.

Printing Your 101 Card

In eServices, go to Operations in the menu on the left. Select Operations Qualifications, on left select 101 Card, enter CAP ID or name and hit search. Your 101 card will be displayed and can be printed from this screen.

Important – the 101 Card is not valid without personal characteristics. If there are no personal characteristics on your card (height, weight, eyes, hair) or photo, go to your profile and update these before printing. Print your card, cut it out, and keep it with your CAP ID.