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Cadet Programs

The Civil Air Patrol (CAP) Cadet Program is a youth development program that focuses on leadership, aerospace education, physical fitness, and character development. The program is designed for young people aged 12 to 18 who are interested in aviation, space, and emergency services.

The CAP Cadet Program offers a range of activities, including leadership training, aviation education, and community service. Cadets have the opportunity to participate in orientation flights, where they can fly in CAP aircraft and learn about aviation. They can also participate in search and rescue missions, disaster relief operations, and other emergency services activities.

The program is structured into several phases, with each phase building on the skills and experiences gained in the previous phase. Cadets can progress through the program at their own pace, with the ultimate goal of earning the General Billy Mitchell Award, which is a significant milestone in the program.

Overall, the CAP Cadet Program offers young people an opportunity to develop leadership skills, gain practical experience in aviation and emergency services, and build strong relationships with other cadets and adult mentors.

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