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Our Mission and Vision

Our Squadron Mission and Vision reflect those of our Wing.

Mission Statement

The Mission of the Cornelius R. Coffey Cadet Squadron, Civil Air Patrol, is to maximize the effectiveness of our members by providing the timely and quality training and resources required to perform homeland security missions and emergency services missions in times of peace and peril to our local community, the state of Illinois, and the nation; by guiding and nurturing the leadership potential of our nation’s youth; by cultivating the significance of aerospace power among the populous and by recognizing and rewarding our members for their dedication and efforts.

Vision Statement

Cornelius R. Coffey Cadet Sqaudron, Civil Air Patrol, has a vision of being recognized as a premier organization within Illinois Wing in the training and execution of the emergency services, cadet, and aerospace missions though communication and collaboration among our diverse units and the recruitment and retention of a highly qualified, motivated, and rewarded volunteer force.
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