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Word from the Commander

Captain Gerard Smith

I have been a proud and dedicated member since 2005. Civil Air Patrol has allowed me to grow from a cadet leader to a senior member leader and now commander of the Coffey Composite Squadron. CAP continues to assist me in my life passion of aviation.

I want to encourage the youth as well as the adults with all that CAP has to offer with Aerospace Education, Emergency Service and the Cadet Programs our members will be able to support the community and others, by continuing to give time and talent.

Showing potential members how you can have fun while helping others, mentoring our youth with possible future careers in aviation or emergency services, and providing opportunities for personal and professional development are just a few of the benefits of being a part of CAP.

As a commander, I have the unique opportunity to lead by example and inspire others to join our squadron and make a difference in our community. We organize outreach events, attend local fairs and events, and invite guest speakers to share their experiences with our CAP members and how it has impacted their lives.

Additionally,we encourage your cadets to participate in CAP's various programs, such as search and rescue missions, aerospace education activities, and leadership development programs. We also support our senior members in their professional growth by providing opportunities for them to attend training and conferences.

Overall, CAP offers endless opportunities for personal growth, community service, and leadership development. By sharing our passion for CAP with others and encouraging them to join, we help spread the word about this incredible organization and make a positive


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